Developer(s): Steven M. Soloff
Platform(s): Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 (Ix86)
Current Version: 1.02.14
Release Date: 15 August 1999

One of the limitations of the software distributed by the Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Flow is that in nearly all cases, it uses short-format files to store data. Although short-format is not proprietary and subroutines have been provided to read and write short-format files, it is nonstandard. In order to make the use of LTCF software a little bit easier, the LTCF File Format Converter has been released into the public domain.

The File Format Converter allows one to read files in one format and write them into another format. This gives users of LTCF software the ability to perform pre-processing and post-processing tasks using any other package they like. For example, after validating a PIV vector field using CleanVec, one may wish to print the field out via Tecplot®.

The File Format Converter can read files in the following formats:

The File Format Converter can write files in the following formats:

File Format Converter is copyright © 1997-1999 Steven M. Soloff