Developer(s): Steven M. Soloff and Carl D. Meinhart
Platform(s): Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 (Ix86)
Current Version: 1.13.41
Release Date: 15 August 1999

In PIV, particle images are correlated to obtain vector displacement information. Since the particle images themselves are random functions, the resulting correlation functions have random components which create a finite probability of having erroneous measurements which must be removed before the dataset can be used. Before the development of CleanVec, there were several cleanup programs already available. The problem with these programs is that validating, say, a 104 vector field required an average of five hours. In order to accumulate enough data for good statistical measurements, approximately 102 vector fields are required. With a rate of five hours of cleanup time per vector field, it would take 500 hours (12 weeks) to validate 102 vector fields.

The goals of the CleanVec software development project were to

  1. provide an interactive display to view PIV vector fields for analysis
  2. develop manual vector cleanup software that does not fatigue the user
  3. develop automated (mathematical) algorithms for vector cleanup that are robust
  4. make a flexible system that can operate on PIV datasets from all types of flow fields
  5. create batch processing capability to cleanup large numbers of vector fields

Here is a list of the more interesting features of CleanVec which make it an excellent vector validation program for PIV:

CleanVec is copyright 1997-1999 Steven M. Soloff and Carl D. Meinhart