PIV Data: Small-Scale Flow Structure around a Rushton Turbine

The data are provided in a simple columnar ascii format (*.txt). Each row of the data represents one velocity vector. The first two columns correspond to radial position r and axial position z respectively, in physical units (mm). The third and/or fourth columns correspond to either radial and axial velocities, normalized turbulence intensity, or vorticity.  All dimensional quantities are given in units of millimeters and seconds.  The data files also include a one-line header so they can be immediately read into Tecplot.

For a complete listing of filenames and column labels, see p.778 (Appendix) of Sharp, K. V. and R. J. Adrian, "PIV Study of Small-Scale Flow Structure around a Rushton Turbine," AIChE Journal, V. 47, No. 4, p. 766-778, 2001.  This table, along with a short summary of definitions and notation, may be found in the following pdf file: Sharp_Rushtondata .


Angular Position (q)
q =0 degrees q =10 degrees q =20 degrees q =30 degrees q =40 degrees q =50 degrees
Mean velocities (radial, axial)
mean_0 mean_10 mean_20 mean_30 mean_40 mean_50
Phase-averaged Reynolds stresses (normalized by tip velocity)
uruz_0 uruz_10 uruz_20 uruz_30 uruz_40 uruz_50
Phase-averaged rms radial velocity (normalized by tip velocity)
ur_rms_0 ur_rms_10 ur_rms_20 ur_rms_30 ur_rms_40 ur_rms_50
Phase-averaged rms axial velocity (normalized by tip velocity)
uz_rms_0 uz_rms_10 uz_rms_20 uz_rms_30 uz_rms_40 uz_rms_50
Phase-averaged  azimuthal vorticity
vort_0 vort_10 vort_20 vort_30 vort_40 vort_50